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Southern Shift Of Ohio's Utica Shale Drilling Boom

The drilling rig rose from a patch of open land next to Interstate 70, a giant push-pin in the rolling countryside of Belmont County marking the path of Ohio's Utica Shale exploration.

Shale Drilling Is Fueling An Investment Boom In Ohio

A staggering $18.7 billion. That's the most recent accounting of the amount of money being invested in Ohio as a result of shale drilling.

Investments In Shale Indirectly Affect County Economy

Muskingum County might not be able to boast the prosperity of the shale industry that its eastern neighbors do, but it still reaps benefits from hydraulic fracturing.

Hamilton Breaks Ground On Natural Gas Station

The city of Hamilton broke ground on the region's first compressed natural gas station Friday morning at the municipal garage on Route 4.