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Ohio Oil & Gas Association Holds Two-Day Summer Meeting

Over 300 Ohio Oil & Gas Association workers gathered at the Zanesville Country Club for a two-day summer meeting.

Association President, David Hill said during the event they will discuss some of the company's yearly successes and downfalls but says the overall purpose of the meeting is to network and reunite. Hill explains some of the things the company currently focusing on.

Utica and Marcellus shale: Horizontal well permit activity still strong

In July, as of July 23 (the latest update as of Aug. 1), the Ohio Department of Natural Resources issued 19 new drilling permits in the Utica Shale. That’s up from only 13 permits issued last month, but compares to 42 permits issued in July last year, and a boom of 80 permits in July 2013.

Anti-fracking proposal back on Youngstown ballot for 6th time; failure doesn’t faze proponents

Two citizen-initiative charter-amendment proposals will be in front of Youngstown voters in the fall election.

One of them should be extremely familiar while the other will probably leave plenty of people wondering what it’s about.