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Leach Xpress Project Gaining Steam

Progress continues Monday for the Leach Xpress Project which will create a 125.7 mile natural gas transmission pipeline across Southeast Ohio.

Shale Academy Board Gathers

The Utica Shale Academy Board of Directors met recently in the Southern Local School District, where talks turned to satellite schools and a recent visit by a federal leader.

Why We Need More Pipelines

The recent presidential veto of the bill to authorize the construction of the Keystone-XL pipeline has done little to squelch the debate. Over the six-plus years that the pipeline has been on the drawing board, we have endured the seemingly endless litany of partisan positioning from politicians, lobbyists, environmentalists, and oil industry executives. Points and counter points made that address important topics including energy security, job creation, climate change, infrastructure investment, and aquifer contamination. The national government of Canada got into the act last year when it approved its version of Keystone to move the tar sands bitumen from Alberta through British Columbia to the west coast of Canada.

Ohio House Moves to Speed up Oil, Gas Agreements

The Ohio House moved legislation Wednesday to speed up consideration of agreements by property owners who want to join together to tap oil and gas reserves on their lands.